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Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Determine specific visual dysfunctions a patient is experiencing post ABI Design an individualized treatment program to improve daily function and patient's quality of life Rehabilitation of not only eyesight but entire vision process

An individualized treatment regimen that rehabilitates the entire visual system; from the eye and surrounding structures to rehabilitation and management of sensory processing, integration of visual sensation with input from other senses, organization of sensory input into visual percepts and the use of these percepts to support cognitive function.

•Patients of all ages who have experienced neurological insults causing vision problems. •Includes: ▫CVA ▫TBI (includes concussion) ▫Neuro-degenerative processes (MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, etc) ▫Cerebral palsy ▫Down's Syndrome ▫Autism ▫ADD/ADHD ▫Dyslexia Frequent problems not identified as being related to vision: •Seeing objects appearing to move that are known to be stationary •Reading difficulties not associated with blur •Floor appears to be tilted •Balance/coordination problems •Dizziness •Motion sickness •Poor attention/concentration •Inability to tolerate busy, crowded environments •Poor spatial awareness

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